R & D activities

In the OPTRANS system, we have created a development tool, which can considerably reduce the costs of customized optimization solutions and software design.

In the case of earlier business optimization software, the factors that contribute to the high price of these type of products were the formulation of specific mathematical models and the corresponding design of complex solver algorithms.

The key of our current project is to create a framework with a new approach, which contains both abstract mathematical models, solver algorithms and the solver based on it. The project was implemented with the involvement of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Target customers:
Companies with sales activities
Shipping companies

Tranzadat is an innovative business intelligence software, a revolutionary new algorithm family that supports decision-makers. This product offers the opportunity to take the most optimal decision by analyzing timing, customer properties and transactions.

The family of algorithms which forms the basis for our solution, was born as a special combination of two previous, basic approaches focused on processing of transaction datasets.

These procedures are typically based on new algorithmic solutions; the so-called cursor based transaction management.

Targeted customers:
Financial institutions (banks, insurance companies)

iParking is an innovative parking assistance service which combines multiple elements of the telecommunications technology toolbox in a seamless way. The software contains a goal-oriented solution to the problem of indoor positioning. It contains optical and image processing technology for assessing parking space conditions and the guidance algorithms necessary for route planners.

The WebCommerce All-in-One is a web service aggregator system, which has been designed to make online purchase management easier. With the help of this system, the users can search, chose and purchase on a unified interface, while in the background the system automatically performs all parts of the process related to websites and online services aggregation. This includes every step of purchase from registration, through login and the placement of the product into the virtual shopping cart up to payment.

The system is able to monitor and follow up the offers of different web shops at the same time, optimizing planned purchases in accordance with individually set options. This feature of the WebComm All-in-One system ensures that best prices for all purchases are made.

The project is aimed at exploring the possibilities of information held in community services, community systems in order to utilize it in new business areas in accordance with documented needs of the target market. This is achieved by creating mathematical algorithm systems and models.

During the first step the Social Recommendation system analyzes the data which is available to users, and then based on network relations noticeable in dataset, it creates targeted offers for a given product or service for different sales opportunities, trends and target groups.

The USP of the system is that it focuses on the nature and pattern of network connections instead of previous solutions which were based on statistically processable properties. This is expected to be a new, highly effective, sales support solution.

Contrary to traditional data mining procedures, we intend to use these content-based filtering solutions in order to more precisely delineate the profile of potential customers.