About us

SimpTech Ltd. was established in 2004 as a research and development project company in order to enrich the intellectual base of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In the following years we have enlisted professionals hardened in the business sector as well.

By today, the company become a specialist in analyzing and processing databases containing large amounts of data. A number of our solutions can be considered pioneering in many ways at the international level too.

After applied research, our company placed particular emphasis on meeting market needs. Following this goal, we focus on offering innovative development solutions for insurance companies, financial institutions, public transport companies and logistics service providers in order to optimize their activities, by helping to reduce operational costs.

Taking existing infrastructure into consideration, by unique and customized developments, SimpTech Ltd. integrates custom software in operating environments that the users are familiar with.

During development a main focus is the interconnectivity of software and minimization of the operational load.

The conscious goal of developments in the course of research and development is complex computational operations which provide quick and optimal results without increasing the burden on the user’s hardware assets.

Besides the Budapest office, a talented team of designing engineers in Szeged also supports our work.